President Trump Deserves World Encouragement to End the Korean War

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PresidentTrump Deserves World Encouragement to End the Korean War
–by John Lewallen
President Trump deserves the enthusiastic support of everyone for his stated intention to declare an end to the Korean War at his Feb. 27 meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. The raw fact is that two major nuclear-armed powers, the United States and North Korea, are at war, a relic of the Cold War with no basic conflict of interest between the two nations today. This ongoing war in 2017 nearly led to a North Korean high-altitude nuclear explosion which could damage or destroy the electronic central nervous system of modern civilization worldwide, no matter where above the Earth the blast happens.
There are some presidential decisions which are essential for human survival no matter who is president, and ending the Korean War is one of them. North and South Korea are eager to end the war which began in 1950, and are opening many avenues of cooperation. We all became safer on June 12, 2018, when President Trump and Kim Jong-Un began talks based on their common interest in “peace and prosperity,” ending a dangerous exchange of attack threats between the two nations.
The peace talks began after North Korea tested a powerful H-bomb underground on Sept.3, 2017, immediately announcing that it could now make a high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. This was shortly followed by Kim Jong-Un’s threat to make the first high-altitude H-bomb explosion since the 1960s. Such a blast, if done in space above the Earth’s atmosphere, would destroy unprotected computer chips on Earth, in space, and in the atmosphere over a huge area with unpredictable worldwide consequences.
Today there is a “New Face of Nuclear War,” nuclear EMP warfare, which will be discussed for the first time ever in the United Nations at a workshop on April 29, 2019, to which I have been invited to make a presentation. I’ve been studying and writing about nuclear EMP for several years. I believe President Trump’s strategy of long-term peace talks with North Korea are saving us all from the very real risk of nuclear EMP war.
Simply stated, the entire world civilization is now completely interconnected and dependent on a computerized electronic network, which is vulnerable to the EMP which would be generated by a high-altitude nuclear explosion of any size. A strong EMP explosion about 200 miles up could destroy electronic civilization nationwide below the blast, also destroying satellite electronics in line of sight, and “super-charging” the Van Allen Belt in space with damaging electrons which persist for years. It’s a suicidal and omnicidal use of nuclear bombs, threatening to destroy the electronics on which we all depend, without initially hurting anyone.
Fortunately, a dedicated group of nuclear weapons scientists acting as the Congressional EMP Commission have been studying and warning the nation about nuclear EMP for years. They were able to go directly to President Trump in 2017, cutting through the denial, disinformation, and coverup which still are confusing the public and preventing us from using all our powers and talents to deal with this basic danger.
With North Korea, Trump is doing the right thing, ending attack threats and stopping mock invasion “war games” on the Korean peninsula. Ending the Korean War is essential to achieve the U.S. goal of a de-nuclearized Korean peninsula. It may also save the world from the unimaginable catastrophe of nuclear EMP warfare.
Tragically, the U.S. has been increasing nuclear threat confrontation against other nations, especially Russia and China, increasing the risk that the U.S. might suffer nuclear attack either by an accidental launch or a deliberate pre-emptive nuclear EMP strike by a nation fearing that a crippling U.S. first-strike against them is imminent. If Trump acts now to reduce nuclear threats against Russia and China, I really will sleep a lot easier, and President Trump truly will deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

Quick Bio: I'm urgently offering this site to provide accurate information on the current hot nuclear confrontation between U.S. President Donald Trump and the North Korean Government, focused on basic information on nuclear weapons and strategy today, and worldwide efforts to avoid nuclear war. I am a 75-ish rural resident in Mendocino County, CA, with time to indulge my obsession with awakening the public to the ongoing danger of nuclear war. I've made a special study of the race to develop high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons, only one of which could disable electronic civilization over wide areas, possibly worldwide. I've written extensively on this topic, and am also the author of "Ecology of Devastation: Indochina" (Penguin Books, 1972). With my beloved wife Barbara, we operate the Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company, hand-harvesters of delectable wild seaweeds, and work constantly for world peace and harmony.

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