Restraining Trump From Provoking Thermonuclear Attack on U.S. Homeland

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Jan.10: Restraining Trump From Provoking Thermonuclear Attack on U.S. Homeland
I read Foreign Affairs magazine for a window on the thinking of the U.S. foreign policy “Establishment.” If “The Korean Missile Crisis” by Scott D. Sagan in the November/December 2017 issue reflects insider thinking, Secretary of State Mattis should “ignore belligerent tweets, push back against imprudent policies, and resist any orders that they believe reflect impetuous or irrational decision-making by the president.”(p.77)
Of course, the best way to restrain Trump is by convincing him that he should stop making preemptive first-strike threats against thermonuclear-armed nations. Sagan shows convincingly that there is no sane “military solution” in Korea, and that any war there poses terrifying and intolerable threat of provoking thermonuclear attack against the U.S. homeland. He judges Trump to be constantly as crazy and aggressively dangerous as President Nixon was at his worst, when Secretary of Defense Schlesinger ordered the military not to carry out any military orders from Nixon without contacting him first.
After noting that Mattis and other military officers have sworn an oath “not to an individual president; it is to ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States.’ The Constitution’s 25th Amendment lays out procedures on how to relieve an impaired president of his responsibilities. If senior military leaders believe at any time that Trump is impaired, they have a duty to contact Mattis, who should then call for an emergency cabinet meeting to determine whether Trump is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office’ and thus whether to invoke the 25th Amendment.” (p.77)
The only way to make sure Trump doesn’t provoke a thermonuclear attack on the United States is by removing him from office. All he would have to do is exercise his Constitutional power as commander-in-chief of all U.S. armed forces to launch a military attack against North Korea, China or Russia, using any of the multitude of non-nuclear weapons in the U.S. arsenal.
For China, Russia and North Korea, nuclear weapons are The Great Equalizer as they confront the overwhelming military superiority of the United States. As Vladimir Putin of Russia explained to Oliver Stone in the second episode of his movie The Putin Interviews, Russia is prepared to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons which could completely disable or destroy U.S. civilization. If attacked, these nuclear-armed nations could be forced to reply by attempting a completely devastating thermonuclear attack on the U.S., or risk being completely crushed by U.S. forces.
North Korea, as Sagan made clear in his Foreign Affairs article, is now fully able to threaten the U.S. homeland with thermonuclear attack. On Sept. 3, after exploding what North Korea said was a thermonuclear weapon, they even mentioned the terrifying possibility that they could now destroy U.S computerized civilization with a high-altitude thermonuclear electromagnetic pulse strike.
Since the 1960s, there has been a secret arms race among all nuclear powers to develop high-altitude thermonuclear electromagnetic pulse “Blackout Bombs” which could destroy computer chips continent-wide and in space with a single strike. I’ve been trying to bring this to public consciousness since I discovered it at the turn of the century. Such an attack would not hurt anybody, but the complete collapse of electronic civilization is possible.
I have no idea why almost no strategists even mention the existence of such bombs, including Daniel Ellsberg in his new book The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner. Sometimes I wonder if every confession someone makes usually serves to cover up an even more horrible truth!
I’m hoping that 2018 is the year that people start to take seriously the findings of the Congressional EMP Commission headed by Dr. William R. Graham, whose article “North Korea Nuclear EMP Attack: An Existental Threat” posted on the blogsite makes clear that North Korea is fully capable of threatening the existence of the U.S. with high-altitude nuclear EMP bombs.
Now there is a remote chance that someone will use a thermonuclear weapon in battle, a risk which every day is a bit larger or smaller, depending on the level of threat confrontation. Reducing threat of attack against nuclear-armed nations is the only way to make thermonuclear attack against the U.S. less likely. Ideally, the U.S. will sign on to the Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons, and completely phase out these weapons of “omnicidal suicide,” which if used threaten a general nuclear war destroying everything, including the attacker.
Meanwhile, we should support all efforts to restrict Trump’s power to start nuclear war, including the “Restricting First-Use if Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017,” a Congressional act which would require Congressional authorization before nuclear weapons could be used in a first-strike. To be honest, this is a pitifully inadequate law which still leaves Trump lots of ways to provoke nuclear attack on the U.S. At least we’ll get some hearings.
I hope President Trump and his military advisors will read Ellsberg’s The Doomsday Machine, which makes clear that Washington, D.C. and Moscow are still the two targets slated to be hit by numerous thermonuclear weapons in case of general nuclear war. He would be wise to resign, to save his own skin. We, the people, should demand that President Trump immediately be impeached and removed from office, to save us all from an insane and needless nuclear attack.

Quick Bio: I'm urgently offering this site to provide accurate information on the current hot nuclear confrontation between U.S. President Donald Trump and the North Korean Government, focused on basic information on nuclear weapons and strategy today, and worldwide efforts to avoid nuclear war. I am a 75-ish rural resident in Mendocino County, CA, with time to indulge my obsession with awakening the public to the ongoing danger of nuclear war. I've made a special study of the race to develop high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons, only one of which could disable electronic civilization over wide areas, possibly worldwide. I've written extensively on this topic, and am also the author of "Ecology of Devastation: Indochina" (Penguin Books, 1972). With my beloved wife Barbara, we operate the Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company, hand-harvesters of delectable wild seaweeds, and work constantly for world peace and harmony.

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