Trump’s Historic Opportunity: Begin Talks to End Korean War

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Trump’s Historic Opportunity: Begin Talks to End Korean War
–by John Lewallen,
April 23, 2018
President Trump has an opportunity to begin talks with the goal of ending the Korean War with a peace treaty, a tremendous advance in securing the United States and avoiding war. There need be no preconditions, and the peace treaty may take awhile to achieve. The United States has no fundamental conflicts with North Korea. The Korean War that began in 1950 and has not ended yet was driven by the desire to “contain” Chinese and Russian communism, a completely outdated conflict. Ongoing peace talks with North Korea will make it less likely that the U.S. will be deliberately or “accidentally” attacked.
My heartfelt thanks to President Trump for preparing for peace talks with North Korea, and for his endorsement of talks between North and South Korea leading to a peace treaty. We can all sleep a bit easier, with threats of war abating. President Trump, you have my full support for peace talks with North Korea!

Quick Bio: I'm urgently offering this site to provide accurate information on the current hot nuclear confrontation between U.S. President Donald Trump and the North Korean Government, focused on basic information on nuclear weapons and strategy today, and worldwide efforts to avoid nuclear war. I am a 75-ish rural resident in Mendocino County, CA, with time to indulge my obsession with awakening the public to the ongoing danger of nuclear war. I've made a special study of the race to develop high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons, only one of which could disable electronic civilization over wide areas, possibly worldwide. I've written extensively on this topic, and am also the author of "Ecology of Devastation: Indochina" (Penguin Books, 1972). With my beloved wife Barbara, we operate the Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company, hand-harvesters of delectable wild seaweeds, and work constantly for world peace and harmony.

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